The LymeLilli Foundation ® is a 501(c3) non profit foundation that strives to bring awareness to the chronic illness of Lyme Disease, while providing financial assistance for testing & treatments for adults, children and pets.

This foundation is unique in that it focuses on the testing & treatment of the illness, rather then solely awareness and research. All support of Lyme is just as important as the next. Let us all help bring awareness to this disease many do not understand, but also help out those in need facing day in and day out struggles with treatment options and support. Together, we can Tackle Lyme well before first down. 

Andrea Marciano, the founder of the LymeLilli Foundation ®, has Lyme herself and knows first hand the struggles and obstacles Lyme can throw at you. Her determination to make her footprint known in the Lyme community is unwavering, doing everything she can to gather people together, whether they have been effected by this disease first hand or they are simply passionate about growing the knowledge and support needed.

Andrea is not letting Lyme win against her, and she's not stopping there. She has dedicated herself to taking it a step further by spreading the word, being an advocate, and inspiring others to rise above the situation they are faced with. One of LymeLilli's many game plans will be partnering with professional athletes and celebrities to bring awareness to Lyme disease through campaigns and events, and well, tees, tanks, and products. The more we wear, the more we share. #LymeLilli | #LymeLilliLove | #PuckLyme | #TakeAShotAtLyme | #TackleLyme | #InspireTreatCare
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LymeLilli Love Locks Personalize with your Name, or Honor a loved one who has passed from Lyme Disease.